Saturday, 20 December 2014

Arrive Vienna

When the name of the city is "Wien", why do people refer to it as "Vienna"?  Was that so that we could name a delicious custard slice after it?

Anyhow, here we are!  Floated into a dark and gloomy city, but sans snow with a beautiful 3-point landing that would do any aspiring (or extant) commercial pilot proud. I left a lovely cashmere jumper on the plane out of Melbourne into Bangkok, but who is thinking of climate cold when you are in climate warm?  Anyhow, we are all over that now. Almost ...

Ally popped out of the Viennese woodwork at Westbahnhof after our airport bus ride into town.  She did a great job of meeting us in the dark at 7:20 am, but mind you she did have an early/late student Saturday night party immediately prior. Looking good, the old Al. Wien does her well. 

So begins the next chapter of the Adventures of Al, Steph, Dear Jude (DJ) and Old Groombles. 

Stay tuned ...

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