Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WW2 Reminders

It was to be a quick jaunt out into the countryside. Steph stayed home to do some R&R, but we hurtled out to Echevronne to thank our friends at the Domaine Lucien Jacob for the Christmas wine they had left for us. 

From there we drove back towards Beaune, but merely touched the edge of that wonderful town before turning for the hills in search of an intriguing little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. We knew it was closed, but it has good reviews and we wanted to get a handle on its location for next time or other. 

Our GPS, "Gina", took us up and around some very narrow roads and dirt tracks. On a little "D" road we found a monument off to the right. I had seen it on an earlier trip and quite possibly wrote about it then. It is worth repeating, however. 

The monument marks the spot where a Frenchman, Bernard Milliere, was "assassinated" by "Les Allemagnes".  Along a remote road, with no house in sight. In 1944, with not much more of the war to run. Near Savigny-les-Beaune. Another blog that comes up on a search of the name says, "Along a quiet road to the west of Savigny-les-Beaune and north of the city of Beaune is the well tended memorial to Bernard Milliere 'shamefully' shot by the Germans July 18, 1944."

It would be good to follow up on the story and find out more. Perhaps there is something on the web ...

We did find the restaurant and we will go back. It's more than a little haunting, however, to see landmarks like this from time to time.  Very sobering ...

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