Wednesday, 24 December 2014


It really is a special type of torment, isn't it, jet lag?  Body in one part of the world, head in another ...  Anyhow, we are getting there. Vienna is as good a place to get over it, and when you add a party at our apartment for all Ally's newfound chums that finished at 10:30 pm and an early 'up-and-at-'em' to catch a 6:00 am flight to Paris the old jet lag simply doesn't stand a chance!

So here we are steaming into the City of Lights on the RER. Four dozy-eyed travellers smacking it out down to Beaune. 

Yesterday the three girls went shopping, while I put on my dancing shoes and headed off to try to find our 2001 apartement. Certain landmarks I remember - cathedral, tram line and narrow ally ("gasse").  Managed to find it (quite different atmospherics without the piles of snow) and then looked for a place to take lunch. 

Around the corner from the pension is a little student cafe of sorts and in I went.  The menu of the day was cauliflower soup. Sounded good and just what I needed. "How much is the soup?", I asked. "Depends on how much you think it is worth", replied Das Madchen. "How much do other people pay?", I arksed her.  "I cannot tell you that; it would influence your decision".  "What is the AVERAGE PRICE someone might pay?"  And so on ... In the end I took the soup and paid 3 euros. Quite nice cauliflower soup, if you ask me!


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