Saturday, 27 December 2014

Boxing Day Walk

Walking is always such grouse fun!  And so it was that we set off for a smack-out up on to "La Montagne" that towers over the City of Beaune to the west.  I say "towers", but it doesn't come anywhere near that in reality. "Pimples" would be a verb that would be at the other end of the spectrum, but would be equally unfair. The so-called "Montagne" does something in between. Let's face it, it's a hill. 

The walk starts - along with four or five other walks - at the Parc de la Bouzaise. We chose the yellow one because it gets us to the Purple one and takes us, thence, on to Pommard. We never got to Pommard because Yellow did itself proud enough to warrant our complete attention. 

Up the hill along the narrow road, past some huge houses and into the forest of pines. The sealed road became a dirt track soon enough with the tall, ancient pines towering over us. An helpful sign (note the correct English) explained that these trees are over 120 years old!  We know this to be true because Stephanie chopped one down and we counted the rings!

The following photo shows a group of girls engaging in the ancient art of 'sticky-beaking'. This involves peering through gaps in fences or gates to gaze upon huge houses where such gaze was entered upon without permission. 

The final photo shows the three girls making their way back down the hill towards Beaune. Three cheers for the Yellow Walk!


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