Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Wow!  What a great Christmas everyone seems to have had!  I just KNEW Facebook was going to be useful for something, and here it is: sharing the joys of the Yuletide Season across the vast Expanses of the World. Fantastic photos of celebrations of all our Chums. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

Our Christmas began on its Eve, with a smack-out down to the Wednesday market. Not many stalls open, but enough to gather requisite veggies, bread, duck magret, Yuletide Log and wine to tide us over the morrow. 

Christmas Eve lunch at Cafe de l'Abattoir meant we only needed a bowl of soup in the evening (pumpkin soup that was quite delicious, but the "pumpkin" turned out to be something other than pumpkin.  Jeez, it LOOKED like pumpkin when we bought it from the chap!). 

Feeling smug having been to "Midnight" Mass, Christmas Day could be given over completely to self indulgence of an astronomical degree. Up and at-'em for breakfast and a morning walk; belting into the cooking; cheersing each other with first cremant, then white wine, then red wine, then ...; Skyping Georgia and Ewan in Wooragee; opening presents (Dear Jude was Santa); another walk to the lake; eating; more cheersing and finally sleeping. WHAT A DAY!


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