Monday, 29 December 2014

Ice Puddles

How long has it been since it was so frozzling that you could tap your foot on an ice puddle?  If you are over 40 years in age it will be just that - an age ago. If you are younger than 40 it will be never. 

Ice-puddle-foot-tapping was an activity I enjoyed and, I feel honor-bound to announce, one at which I excelled.  

Wending my way along the muddy track from 10 Grieve Street Macleod West to Rosana State School No 4568 I would come across a frozen puddle pristine in its overnight frozenness. Gorgeous!  Foot extended, I would tap the icy sheet till it cracked. Overcome with a resounding sense of triumph over nature I would scurry off to Miss Buntine's grade 4 class  (or whatever grade I was in at the time) and fill in the hours till the next day's cracking adventure. 

With that memory buried in the recesses of my mind, imagine the intensity of my delight when, on yesterday's smack-out walk with Dear Jude, we chanced upon an ice-puddle!  Glory Be!  The simple act of Foot-Tapping brought back those memories in brilliant surround sound and technicolor.

Where are the Macleod winter ice puddles of today?  NOWHERE!  Does Tony Abbott need ANY further evidence of Global Warming?  I ARKS youse!

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  1. It must be hard tapping ice puddles wearing rubber soled shoes!