Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bangkok Codicil

Now we all know that Dear Jude is a fantastic organist. She loves the planning bit of trips and making sure that accommodation is first class; that trains, planes and buses all connect with the minimum of fuss. As with all our previous trips, organisation was, once again, exceptional, as evidenced with the following narrative:

With the prospect of a 10-hour transit stop-over in Bangkok, DJ booked a hotel room in the city. Though we were not going to stay overnight, it turned out to be a master-stroke. The train trip from airport to city and back gave us a good sense of place and culture, but the best bit was the swim in the hotel's pool. Most refreshing and invigorating, being a tinch bit cooler than one would have expected.    Here's a couple of photos:

Thanks to DJ, Steph and Ally for making the trip sensational. Thanks to Georgia for looking after things back home. 


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