Wednesday, 7 January 2015


One of the by-products of our trip up to the Jungfraujoch was a 3-day pass on the trains and ski lifts on the mountains in and around Grindelwald. The Helpful Chap who sold the tickets pointed out that the Jungfraujoch trip would cost 200 Francs each, but the 3-day pass would cost CHF 225, INCLUDING the Jungfraujoch. I mean "HULLO!"  Which would we plump for??  After a quarter-nanosecond's consideration we settled on the latter. 

And so we found ourselves today on the rooftop of Europe mounted on four trusty sledges hurling ourselves down first one alp and then another. Yahooing hullooing and yodelling at the tops of our voices, we smashed out four 2-km runs (@ 25 minutes each) till the evening closed in at around 4:00 pm when we headed for Winderswil and home. 

The sledge hire chap assured me that I would NOT be the object of scoff and derision as I feared I would be. No one would laugh me to scorn as would be the case on the rooftop of Victoria. Here's DJ:

That was one type of sledging. [Wait for it ...  You knew it was coming]. Here is the other:

Stephanie is telling Ally that she's a worthless tobogganer and that she, "Can't bat; can't bowl; can't field; CAN'T SLEDGE!!!"

OK. For putting up with that lame gag, here's a bonus photo taken from Groomby's sledge:

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