Thursday, 8 January 2015

Shopping The Milanese Sales

The Girls would LOVE to skitch round to all the museums, cathedrals and monuments in Milan. They really truly would.  However, the SALES are on and no self-respecting girl could do otherwise than go for a good rummage through the bins in the likes of Banana Republic, Zara, Sephora, to name but a few. 

They are the absolute champions of this style of shopping (you know: the frenzied, 'desperate for a bargain' style of shopping; this in direct contrast wth the stealthy 'wait quietly for the odd sale to appear and then pounce' style that takes place throughout the rest of the year). Anyhow, that's what's happening today. 

Mind you, we did kick off with a wander through the main cathedral, "Il Duomo". This took about 25 minutes. But the shops are so CLOSE, don't you know  ...

Old Groomby gets to stand outside in the street during these forays. Here he can observe the passing parade and various goings-on. 

Here's an example.  A group of three early-to-middle-thirties gents offering some sort of 'bargain' tickets detailed in a green pamphlet. Passers-by are offered the pamphlet. If they accept the offered 'bargain' they are told that there is a price to pay. When they try to hand it back it is refused and payment demanded. Things get a little heated till the respondent walks away. Never to be disillusioned, the chaps go back to offering their 'bargains' to the passing parade. In the 30 minutes I watched, not one 'sale' was made. 

It's lucky theses guys don't look slimy and/or sleazy, isn't it?!

Let's not end this blog on a sour note, though. Here's a photo of the girls in the swankiest arcade in Milan with their Booty:

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