Monday, 12 January 2015

Off season in Dobbiaco/Toblach

Well it seems that it is low season for the two weeks we are here because school is back for this timeframe. As a result, prices are cheaper and there is not a queue on sight on the lifts. "The LIFTS??!" I hear you exclaim in rowdy unison, "Surely you, G. Charles Rose, are not DOWNHILL SKIING!???".  Well yes, as a matter of fact, I AM!  And enjoying it, so move on. 

In support of this move to "yo-yo" skiing, it must be said that conditions for x-country skiing in Dobbiaco are far less than desired. There is one 5-km track that was constructed for an event two weeks ago, but this now looks pretty tired and there are bits that have no snow on them at all. For cross country skiing it's all a bit grim. 

Last year in Dobbiaco there was no downhill skiing because there was TOO MUCH SNOW! - go figure ... . "Go with the flow", I reckon and snap on those downhill skis!

Let me tell you, it's terrifying!  Really, really scary. The downhill angles on the slopes are way too huge!  The speeds generated from the combination of gravity, body weight and ski slipperiness horrify me to the very core!  

And all the while, Dear Jude and Stephanie glide gracefully ahead, loving the whooshing poetry of the joy of alp- descending. Not a worry I'm the world. Pure bliss. "Let's do THAT again", they shout, as Old Groomby shooshes up to them waiting together at the bottom. "Couldn't we just have a little re..."  But it's too late. DJ and Steph are already heading to the base of the chair/lift/towing device all ready for the next downhill smash. Groomby trails along in their wake. 

So that's it. The end of Day One. I'm bushed (that means 'tired').  "Looking forward" to tomorrow's "adventure". Just maybe the sum of all the lessons I've paid for over the years will kick into gear and I shall become the ski champion of my dreams. STAY TUNED!

Falls by Groomby: 5
Falls by DJ: 0
Falls by Stephanie:  0

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