Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Eve

I suppose you are all wondering what wonderful events are dished up to the Good Citizens of Beaune on the eve of each new year. Wild celebrations of the witching hour are splashed into the news stands and TV reports as midnight moves across the globe. Fireworks in Sydney, London, Moscow and New York. Crackers exploded in Vienna. Philharmonic orchestras play in Berlin and Prague. 

"What manner of public entertainment is put on in Beaune?", I hear your plaintive cries. Fireworks?  Crackers? Orchestras? DANCING IN THE STREETS????

I'll tell you the answer, but only in the strictest confidence:  NOTHING!  Yes, nothing. Not the smallest hoot of joy. Nix. Nil. All bars and restaurants closed. Not a squark!

The four Roses were confined to quarters in theri homely apartment, where a multitude of videos were played (eg episodes of "The Fall" and the "Wallflower" movie) and we did a jig or two at midnight. Otherwise we had a wonderful time on our respective Pat Malones. A memorable New Year's Eve and one never to be repeated. 

PS I had a Huge Hug with Dear Jude!

The photo shows the Three Girls in the only open bar in all of Burgundy at about 9:00 pm on NYE. 

PPS. If you want an exciting night on. NYE, do not plan to come to Beaune. 

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