Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dobbiaco/Toblach II

Well, what a place to spend some time!  Dobbiaco. YOUSE ALL HAVE TO COME!  It's a splendid part of the world. A part of Italy where you can practise your Italian. Also only a couple of km from Austria, so you can practise your German if that is your preference.  I plump for the latter. 

It's surprising what one can find for sale in and around Dobbiaco. Here are the four skiers of the youthful variety in our party (Steph, Henry, Penny and Ally) after a hard day's skiing in Cortina yesterday looking at what's available in the vending machine at the bus station. 

What IS available will rock your socks:  vibrators, pregnancy tests, prophylactics, YOU NAME IT!  All available for the price of a macchiato or two. 

Not long after, the bus came to take us home to Toblach before anyone had time to slip some spare change into the machine. The snow that fell during the trip home made for some wonderful skiing at Viersach today. 

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