Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cute-AS Trains

Up here in the Swiss Alps there is NO SHORTAGE of cute tramways, cable cars, trains and chair lifts!  All are accessible to us on our 3-day passes. So on our last day in Interlaken we dropped our bags in the station lockers and took ourselves up to all but the tippy top of the mountains. In the next valley along from Grindelwald. 

So it was that we found ourselves in Murren. But only for half an hour, before we had to board the cute-as tram, back to the top of the cable car, back to the local station, on to the inter-city and lastly to the international station at Spiez, bound for Milano. Here are some farewell to Switzerland photos:

One last observation about Interlaken. I had never made the connection (aghast!), but of course it literally means "between the lakes". How could I have missed this?  But then I do have an excuse. "lake" in German is "Die See", while "between" is "inswischen". Seems that Interlaken is more than a nod to some Roman heritage or other. WHO CAN HELP ME HERE?

Here is one of the lakes:

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