Thursday, 22 January 2015

Return from Hinterbrühl

We all three arrived back to the bus stop, but there we split. S & DJ went straight back to Vienna Central to "do" some galleries. Groombles walked into Mühlbach along the bike path ("radweg"). How delicious!  

The path runs alongside the river that tumbles out of the underground lakes of Hinterbrühl. Actually this water is pumped out, otherwise these lakes would be un-navigable (people would bump their heads on the rocky roof). 

Colder than usual, with hands shoved into coat pockets, I rolled into the bigger town of Mühlbach - where the train takes us into Vienna.  But what's this long the wY?  A path heading up a big hill towards a ruin on top of a cliff!  Yikes!  MUST climb up to that baby!  So I did. 

Here's the view back from whence I walked ...

Strolling along from what turned out to be an early 18th century folly (but a pretty intriguing one), saw me smack in the middle of the Vienna Woods. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???

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