Sunday, 4 January 2015

Paris Too Briefly!

WHO would ever have thought that one (that's me) would ever spend only one (the number) night in Paris??!!!  Well I'm here to tell you that that is what came to pass. 

The Girls headed off to Paris for a couple of days' shopping, leaving Groomby and his beloved Beaune for a sojourn alone together. Not much time for anything else but packing and doing the repairing jobs he had been putting off all holiday. 

Dashed to the Gare de Beaune for the 5:00 pm regional train to Paris (it's always a dash), arriving  3 1/2 hours later. The train we took TO Beaune took only two hours. Hey - go figure!

Hotel Marignan felt, once again, like a homecoming, despite the huge haul up four flights of stairs with laden valise. Straight out to dinner. Excellent restaurant/wine bar right round the corner!  Way too wonderful for words to express, so I shan't. 

Up at the "crack of" for the train to Interlaken. Just standing at the bus stop waiting for the Número 63 bus (to Gare de Lyon) in Boulevard Saint Germain is a holiday destination in itself. Just to BE in this fabulous city, if only a tiny corner, surpasses all understanding of its splendor. The first impulse is to take a photograph. But why?  It's never enough. Can I hold the memory?  I'll just have to trust that I can. 

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