Sunday, 11 January 2015

French Situation

We are all shocked by the recent events in Paris and this blog should not allow the events to pass unnoticed. Our hearts are solidly behind the French people and we share their grief and outrage. [The shocking events took place the day after we had left Paris.]

At some point, the brake needs to be applied to the "Je suis Charlie" outcry. For the French, perhaps, it is appropriate. However, I am reluctant to join this particular chorus. I never wish to give offence, at least consciously. This is in direct contrast to Charlie Hebdo, whose primary aim is to do just that. 

My religious orientation has morphed from "Informal Methodist "(as a young lad) to one of "Devout Atheism". From this position, however, I do not deride the Faithful with scorn. We are all entitled to our individual beliefs. 

The Charlie cartoonists gave offence of the highest possible order to those of the Muslim faith.  [In the same way as they gave similar offence to members of other religions.]  They did not deserve to die for what they did, however. In my heart I am walking with the people of Paris tonight. 

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