Sunday, 4 January 2015


Just had a newsy email from Fran Vaughan as we woke on this Monday morning. What a joy to hear from friends far away!  I promised her a photo from our bedroom window of the Jungfrau, and here it is:

Quite a stunning view, but you - along with us - will be astonished by the dearth of snow.  At this time of year I would expect the white stuff to be piled on top of the roofs and footpaths. While this makes getting around easier than normal, I would much prefer things to be more 'normal' than they are.  PLEASE let this not be a symptom of Global Warming. PLEASE let it be that our Tony Abbott is, while not in the majority - and by a long way, correct in his firm view that GW is not happening. NOT HAPPENING!

Gotta get out into the cold now. The day beckons. Keep the missives coming!

Love to all. Missing youse heaps!

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