Sunday, 4 January 2015

Repair jobs

There was a number of necessary repair jobs to be completed while 'en domicile'. One was to stop the cold black toilet seat from flopping onto one's warm back while 'sitting on' during the night. The yelp of shock emanating from the toilet can wake the whole apartment block. The solution was to stick a piece of black Velcro onto the seat a piece of white Velcro into the white cistern.  That was the plan.

Not much luck with the Areldite. It didn't mix properly, or it was too cold/damp. So I went for the Superglue option. That was the genesis of the problem that ensued. 

Manipulating the 5-cent sized pieces of Velcro is problematic at the best of times, but couple this with an open tube of Superglue and you have a potential disaster.  [All the handy-persons can stop reading now because they know what is coming. You are excused.]

To cut a long story short, while pressing the Superglued patches onto the cistern, my thumb and forefinger came together and pressed hard against each other. BANG!  Fingers frozen in a "pincher" position. Solid. No pulling those suckers apart!

You have no idea the sense of panic that a situation like that engenders a kind of inescapable bondage. No idea what chemical would dissolve the glue. Wouldn't have any at hand, anyhow. No one around to smack off down to the ironmonger. What to do?

No option but to grab for the knife. Saw, saw - nothing. Saw, saw some more with serrated knife - still nothing!  Grab for the scissors and - "snip!"  Straight through forefinger skin and - hey presto - free at last.


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