Saturday, 24 January 2015


The last day of our European adventure was spent hurtling around a few of the touristy attractions - parks, museums, galleries and the like. Too much to write about in detail. Ally told us s story about two statues in the courtyard of the Burghof that might tickle the intrigue nerve of the reader. (Ie youse). 

It seems that two statues were crafted by well known artists of the day who were each other's contemporaries. One really clever chap put his subject on a rearing horse connected to the statue's base at only one point. Here is a photo;

The other statue's creator was unable to mount his subject in quite such an  elegant fashion, thus:

You can see that he has secured his horse to the base using one leg and its tail. It turns out that the second chap was so distraught at being outclassed in this way that he topped himself!  That is a truly amazing story, don't you agree?  [Unless Ally is lying,]

That's it for this trip blog. See you all soon, we hope!



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