Friday, 16 January 2015

Hurtling snow

Departure day from Dobbiaco. Great week of skiing and the snow is hurtling down upon us all here in the Dolomites. Excellent news for the skiers arriving for the weekend!  It is also good travelling weather for us returning to Vienna for our last stint prior to heading home. This morning's window-view:

Have to report on the standard of skiing exhibited this past week by Rose family members:

Stephanie - began fast, dropped back momentarily to gain some style, finished with poise and grace. 

Ally - hurtled down the slopes with DJ, leaving all in her wake. 

Dear Jude - style and grace a-plenty, zooming down with Ally in perfect control. 

Groombles - started poorly, vainly trying to remember how it is done. Lots of falls. Remembered about un-weighting and bobbing in time for two fall-free days at the end. Wishes he could ski like DJ!

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