Monday, 5 January 2015


Pretty amazing up there in the Swiss Alps! Huge towering peaks glisten brilliantly in the sharp winter sun. Loving the three trains that cranked us up from Winderswil to Grindelwald, thence to another connecting stage an THEN on to the Jungfraujoch. VERY touristy, but fabulous all the same. 

Around 2/3 of the tourists were of Asian appearance, while at least 87% of THEM were Asian, it appeared to me. At least one small group were of Australian appearance. That was us. Here is a photo of two lovely Asian girls having fun along with the rest of us:

Here's a photo of the Australian team whooping it up eating their lovely supermarket rolls for lunch:

Here's a resident bird.  I just couldn't get over his/her yellow beak!  This is a bird with ATTITUDE!

Have you ever seen ANYTHING so freaking YELLOW?

It's what you do when in Interlaken - go up to the darlin' old Jungfraujoch. So we did. Tres expensive, but tres worth every penny. Great day!  I suppose youse want a shot of the mountains. OK. Here it is:

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